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iPhone fix - I am officially awesome (or almost)

Why am I awesome? The iPhone is working again!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my persistence was rewarded: I managed to replace the screen successfully even after all the accidents. Let me tell you the story.

Friday I come back home from rehearsal to find the replacement screen that I had bought from ebay in my mailbox. I was really anxious to try it out, but my schedule was tight. I had only 1h30 to have a shower, get ready, fix myself some food and get out of the door for the Red Bull 3style with Stella and Brooke.

Only on Saturday afternoon, after coming back from the radio, I had time to start my adventure. I was treating the iPhone with the utmost care - I really wanted to avoid any more accidents with the tiny cables. I managed to put the screen and metal support back together, but I had been too gentle with the cables, they would not easily connect to their sockets and I was afraid to apply pressure. When I tested the phone, it was completely dead. Back to the beginning.

This morning I…

iPhone fix - Trying and Failing so far

You heard about the cracked iPhone glass in my last post. Jon and I decided to try and fix it the cheap way. I cut a piece of plastic in the shape of the iPhone screen (it was hard, but I managed) and we started the fixing process.

That was just terrible.

First, the attempts to remove the broken glass with a razor blade just didn't work in our case. The glass was not shattered enough, so the digitizer and screen would not come apart. In trying, I broke the corner of the digitizer and then Jon started losing hope. His turn to try comes and we decide to take the phone further apart not to risk damaging the other components. Then it's his turn to make a probably fatal (at least we think so) error. When he tried to remove the LDC, the connector got stuck and he tried a little bit too hard, breaking off the clip that holds the connector together.

It's worth to note that this clip measures about 3 x 1 mm, which makes it pretty hard to handle. It looks like something really hard to …

Broken IPhone Glass

Yesterday, Jon's IPhone screen broke and it was kind of my fault... Well, I don't really know how it happened, I was giving him a hug and as I backing away, he started to take the phone off his pocket. Next thing we hear is the noise of the phone falling on the ground.

This was really unfortunate because he has been receiving and making lots of important phone calls and now he can't access the contacts or answer the phone. The phone, by the way (and thank god!), is working underneath the broken surface, but the touch screen does not recognize touch. It turns out that the glass serves only as protection, the actual touch sensors are underneath it.

I offered to bring it to the Apple store to get it fixed, but Jon said he would do it himself for cheaper. I mean, fix it, not bring it to the store. I got really curious and decided to look it up on Google. I found an IPhone Buzz blog post teaching how to get the screen fixed for $5!!!! Yes, five bucks... I mean, the result is not …

A Map of the True History of Vancouver

From Vancouver [de]tour guide 2010:

"This project is a local and collective response initiated by a loose consortium of concerned residents, activists, artists, geographers, and others coming together to present more expansive and generative representations of our home city. Given controls on freedom of expression and movement, among other liberties, during this time, we feel it is necessary to record, collect, and transmit information such as Olympic impacts and other unofficial stories to visitors."

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal