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Praga Pride

Jon and I went to have brunch this morning to recover from all the dancing last night at Queer Noises, a show that was part of Chapeau Rouge Pride Week celebrations. As we were coming back home, we coincidentally run into the Pride Parade and joined the fun for a little while. At a certain point, I climbed a little wall to see the crowd better and a gentleman beside me asked if I spoke German. All happy for the opportunity to put my (limited) skills in German to test, I answered with a sneaky smile: ein bischen...

The man was confused about the event and I tried my best to explain:

"Es ist eine Parade für die Rechte Homosexuell Menschen... gegen Homophobie..."

"Gegen Homosexuell Menschen?"

"No, no...nein! Für denen Rechte! Gegen Homophobie..."

After my attempt at explaining, he didn't seem any less confused.

I wonder if the problem was mein schlechtes Deutsch or if the concept of a parade in support of sexual diversity was just too much for that gent…

Learning editing...

I started reading a book about editing oneself. Now that my chapter is written and in Jon's hands (he is my appointed editor) I can take a little distance from the text. That also means I write blog posts, hurray!!!!

I've been extremely procrastinative* over here... I've been studying the act of writing so much that for a while it paralized me... I've been secretly afraid to put myself to the scrutiny of others, lest they do to me what I've been doing to the authors I'm studying :-D

But then I realized that, what the heck? What's the point of not writing? No point, right? So better do something, and badly, than not do it. As Elizabeth Grozs said in this video, "I become according to what I do, not to what I am." So hurray for writing my blog.... badly writing it, passionately writing it, nonchalantly writing it... jokingly writing it... better to write than not to.

So I made an editorial decision about this blog, and my attitude towards it. I will…

A poem

Why didn't I know about this? Why don't we all know?
I need to cry for all to hear, announce what I found out
We can't just silently take blows

I close my eyes and shout, I cry for all to hear
I feel a hand on my shoulder

--Open your eyes and stop crying
You need a pen, a computer, a chunk of clay
write it all, write, write, write, write
if you write, perhaps your words will stay
and another voice in another time will respond to your appeal
Shouting lasts for a few seconds, if you shout, who will hear?
If you write, maybe you will start to heal

The blows make me shout, my words can't stop the bleeding

--The blows are loud, the dust is thick
no one hears or sees through it
while you write the dust will set and the air will quiet down
no one will hear, but someone might read