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Ch-ch-ch-changes, lá vem meu trem!

It would be easy to say that I took so long to post because I was too busy doing other more important things. This has happened in the past. But truth be told, since my last time here, my life had some significant changes and I just was not in the mood to stop and write about it. Because that would mean thinking about it... And that is sort of scary!

First things first, I got married in January. Not only that, but with Jon's help and that of our family, we organized the whole thing by ourselves too: even a very small wedding equals a lot of work when you are cooking and decorating and planning... It was fun, but I am glad it is once in a lifetime. Second, I moved countries once again. Now Jon and I are living in Berlin, which is a lovely city, with tons of fun, interesting things and people, but which nonetheless requires adapting and finding new friends. And we don't know the language yet.

Living in Berlin has been one of my fetishes for a while now. I longed to be in a city …