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Shame on you, Catholic Church

How awful is it that the Catholic church equates women's equality rights to pedophilia? Compare Articles 5 and 6 of the new Vatican rules.

To put it in plain words, they are saying that women who are ordained Catholic priests (and those who help them do so) deserve the same type of punishment as the sick priests who engage in sexual relations with kids!

I am ashamed of having belonged to this denomination for the first years of my life, albeit without my own consent. Unfortunately, many people in my family are still faithful to this disgusting institution which just uses its followers for political manipulations.

I am deeply sad that so many of my Brazilian compatriots are not only catholics, but active catholics, who look for moral counseling from such idiots as the ones who implement these misogynistic policies.

This is an offense to all women who diligently go to church, donate their time to the institution, and follow the doctrine. Especially because the great majority of the…