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Consent - dare to ask!

In preparation for this post, I really got to read some really depressing stuff on the subject of sexual assault, bullying, and consent. It is quite surprising that I would be saying this, given that the subject of this post is a physical theatre show I went to see last Friday.
L.O.V.E.was described on the Gulbenkian Theatre's website as an "immoderate Shakespearean ménage à trois," so of course I was expecting a play dealing with the subject of sex and sensuality. I went there expecting strong imagery about sex. I went there expecting to be challenged on sexuality. Importantly, the show was also described as a "theatrical landmark – a highly-charged and athletic classic that helped define the termphysical theatre." Aside from the hyperbole of the description, I was really expecting an edgy, interesting, daring show.
What I did not expect (or want) was to be sexually assaulted by the actors. Don't take me wrong, I am not morally against physical interaction…

Port forwarding with a VPN

I use a VPN to encrypt all of my traffic. It's great when you're on a network that likes to monitor what you're doing, or when you want to be somewhat more difficult to trace, or when you need to get around location-based restrictions. But there's one problem: using a VPN means that there's an extra routing step between you and the internet, and if you want to have internet-facing ports open, they'll need to be forwarded.

The problem with that is that your host will usually have a number of clients sharing the same public IP address at the same time, so you can't just get them to forward whichever ports you want. The service I use does offer the ability to request that a port be forwarded, but you don't get to choose which port it is, you only get one, and it might change each time you connect. I want to have a port open for bittorrent, but I don't want to have to constantly check which port I got forwarded, then manually change the bittorrent setti…