Mostrando postagens de Março, 2011
Here I am writing my blog post during class. It's OK. I am good at multitasking (when it's convenient).

Rouge Gueule, a play by Étienne Lepage that I directed, was the opening show of the fifth edition of the Théâtre Ouvert de Bruxelles, a student run festival that is taking place at ULB until April 5th 2011. I have to say this was one of my dearest theatre experiences so far, the whole company had a wonderful time rehearsing, producing and presenting the play, and to complete the fun, we were featured on a 2 min reportage at RTBF, one of Belgium's main francophone TV channels (wanna watch it, check out the play's blog link above).

I think the reason I enjoyed the work so much this time was that I felt really free to experiment. I felt like I didn't own my choices to anybody and that just helped me to let myself go crazy. Also, everybody in the company was extremely talented and generous, which helped the whole process result in a fun and smart show. We are now work…