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Lamenting the Lament

Dulcinea's Lament closes tonight, after running for one week at the DBClarke Theatre at Concordia University. The play – actually, it's better to call it a multimedia show – is an attempt to give voice to Don Quixote's muse, Dulcinea del Toboso, by the homonym Dulcinea Langfelder.

Langfelder - actor, singer, writer, dancer - originally from Brooklyn, NYC, has been touring the world for 10 years with another show of hers, Victoria. In her newest creation, her talents are all put to work fullforce. Excellent performer, Langfelder gracefully leads us with her movements, voice and wit through the mélange that is Dulcinea's Lament.

The show is a patchwork of several contemporary and ancient references, framed by the projection of psychedelic images and Broadway style songs. The looks are flawless, the meaning not so much. The abundance of material covered by the work is such that it does not allow for a deeper exploration in only 1h30min of performance.

Female deities are give…

My Heart Turns for You


Fake Sarkozy Calls Sarah Palin

Here it is, the famous prank call that The Masqued Avengers, a comedy duo from Montreal, passed on Sarah Palin. I translated the transcript to Portuguese so my friends in Brazil can laugh with us, too. Enjoy!

Palin: Aqui é a Sarah.

Avengers: Ah, sim, Gov. Palin.

Palin: Ola.

Avengers: Espere na linha pelo President Sarkozy, um momento.

Palin: Oh, ainda não é ele, estão dizendo. Eu sempre faço isso.

Avengers: Sim, alô, Gov. Palin.

Palin: Alô, é a Sarah, como vai?

Avengers: Muito bem, e a senhora? Aqui é o Nicolas Sarkozy falando, como vai?

Palin: Oh, é tão bom falar com o senhor. Obrigada por telefonar.

Avengers: Oh, é um prazer.

Palin: Obrigada, nós temos um tamanho respeito pelo senhor, eu e John McCain. Nós amamos o senhor e obrigada por dedicar alguns minutos pra falar comigo.

Avengers: Eu estou acompanhando a campanha de perto com meu conselheiro especial americano Johnny Hallyday, a senhora sabe...
Palin: Sim, muito bom.

Avengers: Excelente. A senhora está confiante?

Palin: Muto confiante e nós …