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One of the difficult things for me of being trained in academic work is that I became less able to simplify, take sides, be an activist. I became stuck on the idea that there is always another side to a story, there is always some detail untold, there is always more nuance to be had.

I've arrived in Jerusalem--a place where I never really planned to even visit, let alone live in--one and a half months ago. This has been an amazing experience because throwing myself in this very, very foreign place (from my personal perspective) made me realize the foreignness of places that I find very, very familiar!

In Jerusalem, I learned that you must be really, really careful when you try to find out what the "hidden" side of any story is, because that might lead you to be immediately categorized within a group that you don't really have anything to do with. Let me give you an example from my research project.

I'm studying the ways that people from here (from all kinds of ba…