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Adventures in Victoria - Part 2

Wednesday was the day when we visited the Thetis Lake Regional Park, a region that was declared Canada's first nature sanctuary, in 1958. There you can go for a hike, for a swim or just relax on a rock by the lakesore. We decided to take our bikes on the trails for some extra adventure, which would have been a great idea if we had brought our helmets, but we hadn't and I ended up falling head first and getting some bruises and a black eye. Now I understand my sister Mirian's pain when she fell from her bike head first going downhill when we were teenagers. It does hurt. I learned my lesson: I will not bike without a helmet anymore.

Apart from this - thank God - minor accident, the park was totally awesome. The trails were really well kept and the forest is quite beautiful. We even had a chance to take a picture of a woodpecker. For those who like to fish, apparently you can catch trout and some sort of bass in the lake.

To make your way to the lake by bike, you can take th…

Adventures in Victoria, BC - Part 1

Jon and I flew out of Montreal at 9am on May 23rd, getting to Victoria 7 hours later, at 1pm local time. Our first adventure, right from the airport, was to go with Carol, Jon's mom, pick up a shed in Sooke, and enjoy a fabulous view of the Sooke Basin. Then we tried to find a bar to watch the Lakers x Nuggets game - which is hard during the hockey playoff season. We finally went to "Knockemback" with Fred, Jon's dad, where they were really nice and switched channels in one of the TVs for us, but the waitress managed to screw up our orders and over charge... Oh, well...

On Sunday, after working on the field for some time planting kale, we took our bikes and went exploring the Galloping Goose Regional Trail - awesome! It's a bike/pedestrian trail that was built were there used to be a railroad. It took us right downtown, to Pandora Street bridge. We wandered around for a few hours, ate some wanna be mexican food at La Fiesta, wandered some more and went back hom…

Home Gardening and wanderings

Summer is approaching and the mood is getting better. School will soon be over for me (I can't wait to be free of classical music theory, seriously). I have been looking for a job lately, but with all my travel plans I am making it hard for people to want to hire me. Anyways, maybe everything will be easier once I am back from my wanderings.

Speaking of wanderings, I am going to bathe in two different oceans in less than a month. Yeah, I will not only go to Brazil for a couple of weeks in early June, but before that Jon and I will take a trip to Victoria.

Jon's family has an organic farm in the outskirts of Victoria and his mom invited us to come over and check it out. Of course she wanted us to help around too, this time of the year is very busy with preparation and seeding, the more hands the merrier.

I am looking forward to learn about organic farming, I have been curious about the subject since my friend Ana told me about her experience picking raspberries in BC a few years …

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