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Adventures of Winter Biking

Although for some it might seem crazy to ride a bike in the dead of winter, it is actually a very pleasant activity. It keeps you active, you don't have to depend on buses, and it's completely environmentally friendly. Plus, it's a fantastic way to increase your serotonin levels and keep you happy during winter. With the right gear, you won't feel cold at all--quite the opposite.

Montreal is a biker friendly city--or so it claims. According to the city, these are the parts of the bike path open during the whole year. Bikers, though, are having a hard time riding in the Reseau Blanc. It's not only that VERY IMPORTANT parts of the network are officially closed (Westmount being the most annoying for me personally), but parts that are supposed to be clean (and thus safe) for us bikers are full of snow and (worse) ice. It's actually more dangerous riding on the paths than on the road.

I had a personally frustrating experience last Monday, January 5th 2009. Riding on M…

Happy New Year

I am amazed every time a year ends and another begins. This must be some kind of childhood reminiscence. Anyways, here we are in 2009 and ready to put all our new year's resolutions in practice - I need to make a list :-)
I wish all of you a very prosperous 2009, in all aspects of your life.