Publication Anxiety

Yesterday I submitted to a journal an article based on a section of my PhD dissertation, which itself is about to be published (it will be out as soon as I manage to obtain all the authorisation forms that my university requires). This is driving me a little bananas! I've been looking forward to getting my research out to the world for a long time, and parts of it are already out there. But nonetheless, I am nervous that now people are actually gonna be able to read my stuff! The feeling I'm getting about this is similar to the feeling I had the first time Jon and I visited a sauna in Bad Saaraw in Germany -- one of those saunas were you must be naked.

It is similar in so many ways: in both cases you feel exposed in your most intimate self, and you think everybody is analysing your utmost flaws, when in fact very few people are actually even noticing you at all.


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